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The Tape was found deep in the woods. Some of the footage was damaged, some of it missing. 

Contents are deemed confidential. 

**Made in 2 days for Haunted PS1 Wretched Weekend. **


Get it here : https://toothandclaw.itch.io/harmful-thesecondtape

Updated 26 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Tagshauntedps1, Horror, PSX, Retro, Singleplayer, vhs
Average sessionA few minutes


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Had a great time playing


This was not bad like the graphics, made a video on it.

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This was Very Unique... I Still have my VHS Player LOL... LOVE IT! -GermanDeabloGames

This was really fun! I had a great time trying to figure out the story and what was going on! Very spooky! 

That was a disturbing but interesting experience, nice! 

It was a good game. i liked it.

Played both games together...


Love these type of games old school horror going to play the 2nd one now great work.

This was a interesting game, their wasn't much for me to do much as a player but still had a good feel to it. I didn't have much or a roll and what exactly was going on wasn't made very clear. If your looking for a quick game then this will be good for you.

This was great! Loved the slow build

The atmosphere in this game and it's sequel really shine through, they draw you into the world that the game is building and allow the player to immerse themselves in it's short tale.

As an experiment in story telling both this and the sequel are in my eyes, resounding successes.

A bit abstract but overally really great game. This should be the definition of the horror genre - it doesn't rely on jumpscares, it is more atmospheric!

Really nice game, 5/5 !

An amazing game with an amazing depth to the atmosphere. Out of the many inde games I've played, this one did the best in sucking me into the series of events. Would recommend to anyone with a few minutes to spare. I also made a film-style video on it and had great fun playing around with the sound effects the dev added.

Great game, cool art style and interesting story. Not all too much gameplay, but this does however fit the storytelling well. Looking forward to the future tapes.


Cool Found Footage Horror Game. Love The Design

I Gave it a go


It seems like a really cool concept, but I wish there was an option to turn down the "glitchyness" factor, I'm really struggling to see because of the camera glitch effect!


I am so stoked to play the second part of this, I feel the tone has been set.. AND IT TOOK PLACE ON MY BIRTH YEAR. Spooky shit man. 


Well done 

Interesting video

Really good atmosphere, well done!


2nd video in our playthrough here, had a lot of fun playing it. I enjoy this types of simulated experience


I really enjoyed it! (though I feel dumb for not immediately noticing the big reveal). Did a video!


My partner and I enjoy this game. It was creepy and had us question what was really happening. A short atmospheric horror game is great and love the bite size journey. The VHS style intro and inspiration to found footage was great too. 

Love the old school vhs tape games with ps1 style graphics. This was no exception.


This... Feel weird. I so shock when I learned the truth at the end! Good game man!


I played through the game and actually recorded it for my channel. Although, I feel like I'm missing more than a few pieces to a puzzle and I felt more like a viewer than a player, I actually really enjoyed this. I would love to see some more come out of this, and expand on the story you have developing. Overall, I did have fun going through everything, thank you!

Thanks so much for checking it out and making a video! There's actually a follow up game to this coming out next month!

Trailer is here: 

Ooh! I will definitely have to check it out! This "tape" looks like it will be a very interesting story to unravel, I can't wait! Thank you for the reply!

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