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I broke this game but at this point i'm a pro when it comes to breaking games apparently XD i had fun tho! 

very creepy game, keep up the good work!

also did a video if you wanna check out my gameplay.

This was an interesting experience that gave me the creeps whilst playing. Found footage type games are also a treat and playing through this, I THINK I got the story right, maybe? Perhaps you'll just keep us guessing forever. Let me know if I'm right about who the monster is.

Very cool! Thank You! 

🎀 Don't Watch This VHS Tape | Gameplay


This game really messed with my head and made me uncomfortable. Fantastic job! 

I played this game so you don't have to.

I love your use of lighting in this!


Great job man, that was so surreal amd phsycological. Really amazing game, especially for one made in two days

Loved the game it had great ambiance and it was great for the amount of time you made it in! (even though i broke it my first play through >.>) heres my reaction to it if you wanna see

Well done 

go to 09:44 to see gameplay


That game just gets better as you progress great job. 

This game was realy grate, it was SO damd creep

Yo This game was mad good I just wished it were longer, You can check out my reaction to it here if ya want.

Well done! The game had a great vibe and sparked a lot of questions about the footage on the VHS tape! With some of them still unanswered after playing it and I think that really fits the game well! Great job!

Its the second game in the video

Nice game, could use some interaction.


sometimes very slow but very nice unanswered questions in the end, timecode 2:07

really good horror game! So creepy :) 



Really unique horror game. I'm interested in more games like this.

My review is at the end of the video :))


Hello, nice game, nice graphics. I'm a programmer looking for a graphic designer or a team to join and maybe work on new games, are you interested?
my LudumDare Game:


Great God Damn GAMEEEE! A 101/100.


The description sums this game up, short and disturbing. Starts at 13:19!


This game is amazing and I recommend it to everyone! Here is my gameplay and commentary.


Hi, I'm currently making a series where I play through every game submitted to the Wretched Weekend Jam, and yours was the 9th game I played!

I've got to say, I really enjoyed this little game! It was the perfect amount of creepy, and you never left the character wondering around for too long before the scene changes. When things started to get further through I found myself genuinely creeped, great work!

Here's the video for those interested (time stamps/chapters in description):

thanks so much for checking it out and featuring the game in your video. 

Nice work Dan. Cool atmosphere but I think it would have been more creepy if we'd seen less in the second half and maybe heard more. The basement part was the best for me. 


Holy crap, this game doesn't even have jumscares but it gives you "that feeling" its the second game in the video, and I gave you a pretty good grade at the end. But for the love of all that is spooky... PLEASE DON'T END SO ABRUPTLY ALL THE TIMEEEEE!!!

really enjoyed this. Very spooky indeeed.

I made a tierlist for a lot of the haunted ps1 games and this game was in it! Please check out my video!

I'm truly honored to have Harmful considered S Tier. Thanks so much!

you're game is awesome is really entertaining

Please cheack out my channel

thanks so much! I'll check it out for sure :)

Crazy experience.


I love a game where atmosphere shines, and Harmful offers plenty of it. It’s creepy, it’s disturbing and it tells its story without saying a word. Well done! 

Thanks so much for the kind words! Appreciate you featuring the game in a video :) 

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I'm always a sucker for a good VHS aesthetic, and this really nailed it. Some really cool shots/scene setups, like the beginning with the car and the light coming through the floorboards. Great job!

Thanks, it was interesting working with the VHS aesthetic so I'm glad it looks good!


I loved the atmosphere of this game. Found-footage style horror is a great genre. I'd love to see an expanded story of this :-)

Thanks so much for playing it and making a video :)

You never know! 

The exact same issue I had with Sanctified. The game starts with the date on screen, but everything else is black, even though I can hear my own footsteps.

Agh! So sorry about that. Thought I would have that resolved for this game. Gonna work on a fix. Thanks so much for letting me know. 

Update on this. I've managed to replicate the bug on my end and have come up with a fix. Should have a new version up by this weekend! 

Thanks, looking forward to it!

Fixed version is now up! Let me know if there's any issues. 

It works fine now, enjoyed it.

Awesome, thanks for checking it out! 

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