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For a 2 day game that's awesome! Great work!

Are there any jumpscares?

Not really. There's moments of static/white noise when the "tape" changes that may be considered a jump scare?

Nice Game I can Run this on my chromebook

Super creep,I loved it!

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im scarred for life (great game)


Creepy and unnerving experience


Good Job Devs!  

hey compañero ¡¡¡¡ hice un gameplay de tu juego ,  ME ENCANTOOOO ¡¡¡¡¡¿  espero que disfrutes el gameplay 

i really like the atmosphere , and this game really give me the creepy and weird feeling while playing it , overall a good game , nice job dev :) btw this is my gameplay 

I gues
I guess I became a hamburgar

I am a huge fan of PSX-style horror games, and this game really nailed the atmosphere! I knew something was creepy in these woods, but what we found was just nightmarish! You did a great job, ToothandClaw (awesome username btw)

Congratulations... your game was also published on the channel...

I'll steal you 2 minutes to check it out and if you like to sign up!

Until next time

What a brilliant game. I love the PSX style and the audio. The storyline is creepy as heck and I wasn’t expecting the ending that I did. It’s soooo superbly done! I was a little clueless a d lost at the beginning of the game, but it didn’t take me too long g to navigate myself around the map. I can’t wait to see more games from you in the future. 

very good

hello i really hope somebody can help me with this, i am trying to download this for linux, but i do not know how.

Very interesting game. I can't wait to play the second one.

I guess it did what it was supposed to do? Dope atmosphere though!

I don't know what is suppose to happen but I had my laugh...

Other games that I played:

Ghost Study:

Night Of The Consumers:


really good

I really like both of your Harmful games, they are outstanding in my opinion! 

I'm now working on a VHS type game too, and I was wondering what was the font you used for the text? Thank you for your answer :)!

thanks! Can't remember where I actually got it, but its pretty much this exact one:

Let me know when your game is done, I'd love to check it out!

Thank you very much, this font is perfect :-) !

It is a pleasure to me, that You are interested in the game, I'll definitely notify you :-D !  

Why am i having a hard time donloading this thing?

there shouldn't be any issues downloading it? Whats specifically happening? 

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Sometimes when i download it, it has an error that stops the downloading, and other times  when it does download as soon as i opened it, it disappears like it doesn't exist, it might be my computer being over protecting about downloading compressed folders but it is pretty annoying.

ah I see, yeah it could be an anti-virus thing from the sounds of it 

I love creepy VHS horror, there are so many true stories that involve this kinda thing. Can't wait to check out the next chapter.

No Commentary Full PLaythrough 

Just wanted to say that someone has uploaded your game as there own take a look.

thanks for letting me know. I reported it yesterday and it looks like its been removed! :)

This is such an enigmatic game... You did a really good job with this. It's become one of my favorite itchio gems I've found. Your games tend to have a mysterious quality about them that serves what you're doing really well. Anyway, I made a VO narration video about Harmful. I hope you check it out sometime.

I liked this. I thought it was very different from the standard games. Can't wait to see what the sequel is like.

loved this game ill be playing part 2 very soon enjoy 

Was an interesting game to say the least. The story was very transparent though a little out of continuity/ seemed to be in different perspectives? The roaming around with the VHS tape was quite interesting and was pretty sinister and a little freaky. 

The forest and house area could have been used to amp up the horror-iness more by maybe adding bodies or footprints or newspaper things that might allude to what was happening there. Or maybe graves. But the fog and mysteriousness was still well achieved!

Great little game to play with a very in your face and apparent story!


Very disturbing! I mean that in the best possible way. This is a theme I'd love to see explored in more games. Really enjoyed this!


Awesome game! I really dig the way the story unfolded and left a lot of mystery. Very unnerving.

I recorded this game and the second tape all together with an amusing edit profile for the second.    The game itself, amazing. The plot? AMAZING. Everything else? AMAZING. 

Thanks for the fun :D! 

Had a great time playing


This was not bad like the graphics, made a video on it.

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This was Very Unique... I Still have my VHS Player LOL... LOVE IT! -GermanDeabloGames

This was really fun! I had a great time trying to figure out the story and what was going on! Very spooky! 

It was a good game. i liked it.

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