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I like this


interesante juego 👍

Played both in one video and I think I broke the second game :/

Well done! I greatly enjoyed this and am really excited to experience the second tape, and am definitely excited to try your other games after that! You really did well with this and I love the visual style. Thank you for the experience :)

after this play part 2 

This Guy Hanging People Up Like They are Posters

This was really unnerving, LOVED IT!

I like this style

Was Pog c:

I made the tapes 1 and 2. Amazing, Mr. McGrath. The first 5:30 minutes is the 1 and after that is whole 2.

I played Harmful + The Second Tape after playing Incident at Grove Lake and I really like your found footage aesthetic! It is one of my favorite styles of indie horror games and you do it so well. The story is definitely getting interesting in this series..

I see you are working on a third, looking forward to it! :)

thge cop vs killer dinamyc is so good!

Thank you so much <3


Hi there. Nice gameplay. Are you brazilian either, yes? I will follow you at YT.

coming here after playing the second installment!

would love to see a third title, though the second leaves a nice sense of [REDACTED]

Ill do a third one soon <3

i would like to play the game but the ghraphic settings are only available on High so my pc is laggy (i have a linux ) could you add that setting ??


probably not, I lost the source code to this game many moons ago 

damn :(

short, but tense, the sequel builds on it very well! 

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as scenario are atmospheric and cool

Good horror

I liked the immersion of the game and the environments are well done

. I would really like the game time to be longer and the story a little deeper 

This was pretty fun, I wasn't expecting the ending! Good job.

Creepy and weird. Love it.

Awesome Game

This dude is insane! Exactly why I don't go to the woods lol

Très bon jeu, j'ai bien aimé 

It was a very good game honestly, i liked it 

beautiful, and interesting. 8/10 would recommend 


Lo único que le faltó a este juego son unos 15 minutos más de gameplay. La trama esta interesante, pero creo que pudimos haber explorado un poquito más lo que estaba sucediendo y como lo experimentamos.

Excelente juego corto!

You think you're brave enough to play this game? The sheer terror I faced made my shorts stain... each pair I've worn since has stained as well... Now I don't know if it was the game that caused this, or if I have a problem.

Unique game, the first one is pretty short but has an interesting way of showing horror, and I like how the second game takes it’s time to explain the story. Recommend checking this game out

I played both in one go! super cool experience :)

i hope to see more from you. 

A good game if you want to just sit back and watch the story unfold. From what was shown, pretty creepy !

I made a video on your game if you're interested :)

This was a decent VHS horror game!  Creepy as hell.

Creepy stuff

This had some really good scenes especially the under the floorboards part which set the mood of hopelessness. 


Comments below clip;

From the wonderful world of forests, all the way down to the sordid gates of hell. One cannot be anything but thankful for being on the other side of the computer screen and be a witness to the unfolding madness, rather than the actual victim. Although, in reality, those lines get pretty much blurred, pretty fast.

Thanks for making this game, Dan. Enjoyed playing it.

This game is extremely weird and also amazing,disturbing but also look nice,mixed opinions

hidden fear

I really loved it and would love to see a full game honestly!!! So much potential!!!


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