Obey your Masters. Destroy your enemies. Created for #7DRL.

How to play 

-WASD to move the player. Mouse to aim and Left click to shoot.

-Defeat all the enemies on a depth to progress.

-Destroy enemies and collect treasures to increase your score.

-Endless onslaught. See how far you can go.


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Bro you make so cool games, please check out my game also, it is linked to my account


the visuals were cool.  was fun



I will be streaming this tonight on twitch https://www.twitch.tv/tiger_j feel free to come hangout in chat with our dev community!


Excellent visual style - well done :)

Thanks so much! 


Looks great, satisfying when you hit an enemy. Sad there is no sounds and sadly the collisions are a bit wonky. Otherwise great fun and a good start!

Glad you liked it. I had plans for sound and adding items but I unfortunately had a busy week in work which really ate into Dev time. Thanks for taking the time to check it out :)


I love the visuals.

Thanks so much!