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"A cold chill comes from the Northern mountains, the people whisper of angry gods..."

You are a Brave young Seer, sent out by your village to stop the Endless Snowstorm which is destroying your village's crops and killing it's people.

To do this you must venture atop the old Mountain to the Ancient Shrine and light it's 4 corresponding Shrines.

It's easy to get lost in this Storm and You will freeze to death if exposed for too long. Be sure to take refuge in the old Caves to hide from the Storm.

Upon lighting the all the Shrines the gods will be appeased and the Storm will stop. Saving the village and it's people.



Update 1.2 Notes

  • Replaced majority of sprites with new 3D Models (New shrines, Caves, trees, rocks etc)
  • Updated snow effects
  • Added Shadows and proper lighting
  • Flag now used Cloth based physics which are effected by wind
  • Adjusted camera and added vignette plus colouring effects
  • Fixed game breaking bug where you could get out of the Map
  • Getting lost now functions seamlessly along with world 'looping'
  • Objects in game no longer suddenly 'appear'
  • "Frostbite" function fixed
  • Added Hard mode (Increased difficulty, harsher winds and slower walking)
  • Added Game Mode page where player can choose between a Normal and Hard mode
  • Removed "The Wolves are Loose" game mode. (May be reworked for a later update)
  • Options page added with Sound options and a Fullscreen/window toggle
  • Updated about page with additional info
  • Updated main menu
  • Keyboard support
  • Controller support


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Hello! I enjoyed your game, it had a simple premise and was fun to wander around in. The shrines could have been a little more spaced out as I found two nearly side by side. But still good luck with your future projects! I made a let's play of your game here~

Thanks so much for playing and taking the time to make a let's play. Those Shrines might have been placed close together due to the random placement code, and this can happen from time to time. Thanks again :)


You're welcome! It was a fun game. Oh I see that makes sense! ^^' excuse my silliness for a second!

I played your game and had some thoughts of improvement! Hope it helps!

  • White border around text for better visibility.
  • Pause function.
  • No movement animation when moving with controller.
  • No way to enter/exit caves with controller.
  • You should be able to see the eyes of the character when moving downwards.
  • I think I walked out of the map, a black border came and then it started blinking. It was after the third or fourth checkpoint thingy. I walked straight upwards for a while.

Anyway, this was my thoughts during the time I played. It's looking really good! :) You got inspiration from Journey didn't you? Good job!



Hmmm, odd. I had animations working with my controller but I'll look into fixing that for sure as well as the black border issue which I haven't encountered in my playtests. But thank you for the critiques and taking the time to play and write this up. Always much appreciated when making these things :)

And yes, Journey was a little inspiring ;)

https://gyazo.com/ce455fa6dce3bf9cf957b4f969ad86b6 (Sorry about the laggy gif :P)

There's a gif on the issue. I played on windows 10 64-bit Home Edition if it helps you to know.

Happy I could help :)


Thanks so much for the gif! Super helpful :)

Should be able to fix that no problem. You rock :D