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Your Wife and Child are missing. You are alone in a hotel. They've been expecting you. They've always been expecting you.

Featuring 2 Endings!

Made for the Haunted PS1 Summer Spooks Jam



MOUSE to Look around

WASD to Walk

LEFT CLICK to Interact


Use Alt + Enter/Command + Enter to Fullscreen the Game


Headphones and a dark room recommended. 

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(45 total ratings)
TagsCreepy, disturbing, Horror, Lo-fi, Low-poly, Spooky


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Sanctified.zip 51 MB
Sanctified_Mac.app.zip 54 MB
Sanctified_Data_Linux.zip 56 MB
Sanctified v2.zip 50 MB
Sanctified Mac V2.app.zip 55 MB
Sanctified Linux v2.zip 56 MB
Sanctified Windows v3.zip 53 MB
Sanctified Mac v3.zip 54 MB
Sanctified Linux v3.zip 55 MB


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Hey uh what is the v1, v2, and v3 about?

never mind im just smol brain

got really comfused in the maze! But great work!
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Great Game, really creepy.

man, i pressed esc accidentally twice, i wanna die


This was a lovely experience! Probably your best game so far!

Good game!

It is definitely an interesting game and a very interesting story.I made a quick review about it :


  • Story is weird in a good way.
  • Game makes you feel uneasy most of the time.
  • Presence of religious symbols and cult was a great touch.
  • Atmosphere was good.


  • Dialogue system could have been worked on better, waiting for whole dialogue to finish is time consuming and mildly annoying.
  • Game didn’t navigate me to the critical part of the story -the part where I speak with the lady and she tells me to collect 3 pieces missing from his journal-.If I hadn’t spoken with her, I wouldn’t have known how to leave that level ,so it would have been nice had it been placed at a better position where the player wouldn’t miss the conversation.
  • Corridors area and the backlot area could have been smaller considering there weren't many interactions around that area.
  • Character movement had no particular problem except that when you press Shift character just stops and pressing Space key makes your character jump in a glitchy way.

Overall i think this is a pretty good game. I really liked the atmosphere and even though there weren't any jumpscares or scary parts of the game, feeling of  unsettlement was there.


Good Games!!!
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Thanks 4 the Game!

I got hit with a black screen, after the text appeared, I could use WASD to move but couldnt see anything. Windows player.

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Try version 3 in the downloads


Wow well I got the second ending and played the first again to find my family GUTTED "You have found your family." cruel...


This game was deeply unsettling and amazingly well made.


And we have the second ending here. Congrats on your work.


Incredible game in terms of graphics. Congrats.



This was a great game! This style of horror game is always a treat to play! I really loved it, and I wanna try to get the second ending in another playthrough :D!

Here's my let's play, please subscribe and help me out :)!

glad you liked! Thanks so much for checking it out and making a video! You're awesome! 


Pretty Cool, did get both endings to the game. Liked that it was a PSX Style Game.

i wish the window was bigger 

Very cool! Loved the graphics, and the slow start to the main story!

what... what is new in v3?


Hey there! Just some bug fixes, new resolution support and a shader fix. Nothing major! 


A fun game. Loved the PS1 graphics. Great atmosphere.


Unsettling but Still great, Definitely love the PS1 Graphic for This one!

Thanks for playing and making a video on Sanctified. The video's awesome! 

what's the difference between the regular download and v2?

v2 has a second alternative ending that can be found. It also has some small big fixes.

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can i get your source code for my project please


Hi.. I'm a MacBook player.. Every time I open the game it goes to a black screen. Now I thought that was a part of the game, till I had actually started the game when  I realized it was staying black... I've tried Sanctified Mac V2.app.zip and Sanctified_Mac.app.zip.. with no luck.. please help?

Hi! Sorry this is happening to you. It's a bug I've been trying to fix for quite a while but with no luck so far :( Thanks for checking the game out regardless 

Oh.. Ok! :P Hopefully you can solve this problem soon.. best of luck!


This game was so unsettling and neat! Great job :D I made a video on the game as well.

Thanks for checking it out! The video is great :) 

No problem :D And thank you! The game was great hahaI love games like this


Made a video


this game CREEPED ME OUT !

I'm still sad about my family though XD

here's my gameplay


I really enjoyed the style of the game. I like the story & I like how the atmosphere is captured. Despite nothing really coming for you, the haunting feeling and claustrophobic corridors of the hotel left me wanting more. A great ending as well which I honestly didn’t see coming. A must play!


This game has a really cool way of feeling sinister all the way through.. Really well done 😀

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Hi there, i have the same issue with the black screen and had kind of a similar one when working with certain post processing stack effects, don't know if it haves anything to do with this, but hope it helps.

That's it, the game looks awesome, i'll keep my hopes to be playing it soon


yeah same im also getting a black screen as well.


Hi! I'm currently looking into this. That processing effects issue you had is ringing a bell. I'll have to check it out and come back to you!

Very interesting game that had me guessing from beginning to end! I really enjoyed it! 


There is always a certain charm to PSX and N64 types of games when it some to graphics. But horror always seems to work no matter the square form everything has. 

The environment is good. Creepy hotel with creepy guests. The music that is played on the radio is good. Fits together with the mood you wanna set in the game when you hear it. 

Good story that gives you a lot of room to work with if you ever wanna make it a longer game. The only annoying part I found is that you have to wait for everybody to finish talking before you can move on. You sure stayed true to some PSX types of games there. :)

Really great game. Keep it up. 


This was really interesting and creepy...


This game had a great narrative. I love the visual style as well. Great pacing with the story! Overall, one of the best games I've found here on itch.io! Here's my playthrough:


Wow thanks so much for the kind words :) Awesome video too :D


This game is pretty interesting and creepy. 


Fullscreen does not work on my distro of Linux (Fedora Cinnamon). I'll have to come back to this game with my Windows PC sometime.


Very cool Cult game! Made a video, even though there's already a million lol. 

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В принципе неплохо, было пару багов... Но это же инди :)

Спасибо за старание ;)

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