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A Found Footage Horror Game set in an Old Abbey in Ireland.

An unmarked tape discovered in the archives of an abandoned church containing strange footage was recently discovered.

The tape was deemed  extremely dangerous by the Catholic Church and was hidden away. 

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
TagsAtmospheric, First-Person, foundfootage, Horror, scary


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I really enjoyed the atmosphere and graphics of the game.

I also recorded a video on it 

Love the style of this game but the walking felt a bit too tedious. The atmosphere is good though just kinda lacking in scares, imo. Still enjoyed it, the lore is pretty interesting, as well!

I honestly really loved this! the atmosphere, the character design and even the modeling was all very appealing to me! i also loved the little bits and pieces of lore scattered about, it really gets you immersed in the world. The only criticism i really have is the monsters within the well? initially it was very shocking, but it didnt make much sense to me in terms to what the game was. i feel like subtlety is important in found-footage/analog horror, and the monsters kind of threw me off track and took away a lot of that subtle, slowly built dread i was feeling. though wonderfully designed, i must admit! for a one-off sort of thing, it just doesnt make much sense. however i do feel if this ended up having multiple installments as a series it would work to build up more possible lore concerning them. Other than that, seriously an AWESOME game! you have tons of talent and i cannot wait to see more in the future, keep it up! 10/10

This game was awsome! I loved the graphics and the found footage storyline was executed perfectly!

this. was. AWESOME! I loved the atmosphere this game gave and the simple but detailed plot behind it. The style, the artistry, everything! all of it was a joy to play

hey! thanks for checking it out  glad you liked it :) 


I thoroughly enjoyed this. It was the right combination of atmosphere with different types of my own fears, and I'm really glad you made this. Definitely creeped me out plenty!

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This is by far one of the, if not the best found footage style of horror game I have ever played.  Bravo!  The sound design and atmosphere is top quality in this game!  I hope you continue to make amazing games like this in the future.

Thanks for checking it out and im glad you liked it!

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Thank you for my tension headache. 

Couldn't find the "Actually F@#* this, I'm away off home" button?

Left a quick review and will definitely be checking out some more of your wares. Simultaneously oppressive and impressive.

I sure am glad that shadow person is lurking over your shoulder, it keeps them away from me.


Absolutely TERRIFYING game! I had a lot of fun with this, while making fun of the main character for getting himself wrapped up in this demonic stuff haha. Overall a fantastic game, and I look forward to seeing what you make in the future!

Aw man, I really was enjoying the game that I played so far, but I think I came across a glitch that broke the game for me. Mild spoilers down below


So after I turned on the music box, I went across the courtyard, following the blood tracks to the lady with the wall written in blood behind her. In that area, I went all the way to the left where the window (opening in the wall) was, and got stuck on the wall. Like, I could move along the wall, but I couldn't move away from it. Just thought to let the devs know, I really liked the game that I saw so far, I was really vibing with it! Hope this helps, I look forward to looking into your other games!


Great game! I really liked her

I will be glad to subscribe to the channel ( ̄y▽, ̄)


I really enjoyed this short experience! The VHS messing up segments were really well done, definitely my favorite part. Personally I can't stand the found footage broken camera effects when they're this heavy because it really starts to hurt my eyes and give me a headache after a while. A simple option to turn it off or lower the effects would be perfect for someone like me.

Other than that I had a great time! Thanks for making it!


As a catholic mother of 8, i thought this was really fun, and my kids recognized the various references in the game, good job!!

Hey Everyone My names Ryberus.

This game has now made me afraid of statues.

Also look out for "Spider statue" she watches you from above!

We ran into a game breaking bug but the build up until that point had us on the edge of our seats!

Minimalistic visuals, unique storytelling and a rare backdrop make this short entry into the ever-overlooked genre of found footage horror an undeserved gem. 

The developers catalogue of games shows a vast array of knowledge and improvement as they continue progressing along the no-stops journey that is game development and it is awe-inspiring. 

Simply brilliant with its story, visuals, presentation and atmosphere. It deserves more recognition.


I really liked the style of this game!

Good atmosphere, I always love found footage type of games!

But I do feel like the VHS filter maybe should be a little less and some of the background noise was a bit too loud at some points too.

But overall it was a nice game!


amazing game but i wish the vhs filter was a bit less heavy or there was an option to turn it down/off


Awesome Found footage game, creepy environment, i love it

This was a very good time! Great atmosphere, the found footage style worked well, and I was suitably spooked throughout.

I had so much fun with this! Amazing creepy atmosphere!

A really cool game, I loved playing it, however the VHS static and warping filter was a bit too much in my opinion. Otherwise a really nice short experience!

Always enjoy games that focus more on the atmosphere and not give quick jumpscares. 

Another great grteat game! Very creepy ands not too long. Loved it!

nice game dude ^^

I enjoyed the game very much from the beginning to the end 


loved it! id like to see more structure in a future project though. check out my video on it! thanks (also not sure why the framerate is capped to 30, maybe change that)

Not bad


My religious trauma approves this

Loved the game it was scary, and the LORE is incredible!


pretty good stuff!! <3


Amazing job! Can't wait to check out your other work.


This was absolutely fantastic! I kept thinking it was gonna end, but it just kept going and I loved it! You did amazing! 


(3rd game) yo this was VERY creppy. I saged my house after playing this. good game ;)

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This is too boring dude. It should've ended when we enter the well then the cryptic text appears to be more mysterious but heck no. It kept going and then the end...well, we got a jumpscare from behind. Seriously?


The creep factor was so high in this game! Great use of audio for spook factor! Loved it, thanks for making it!

Under The Shadow of Your Wings - Our Lady of Sorrow 




This was terrifying!
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