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A Found Footage Horror Game set in an Old Abbey in Ireland.

An unmarked tape discovered in the archives of an abandoned church containing strange footage was recently discovered.

The tape was deemed  extremely dangerous by the Catholic Church and was hidden away. 

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(155 total ratings)
TagsAtmospheric, First-Person, foundfootage, Horror, scary


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this was so good ) 

Very very creepy game!! I love the atmosphere and story

Here is a gameplay (Spanish). Hope you like it!

Love love love the atmosphere from the tighter FOV to the art direction and sound. Was recommended this game by a friend & got way more spooked than I anticipated going into this:

Really creepy! I loved the lack of jumpscares and the scary atmosphere.

I liked it! 

thank you my dude 馃檹



Que buen juego, y buena historia. 

This was creepy to play. This is my first time playing a horror game that's in Ireland. Here is the link to my YouTube video on this game 

Pretty creepy

one of the most creepiest game I've played with

Damn.. At least they found the tape..

Very cool horror game!

ham hoe
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Once more cool game from Mr. McGrath. Congratulations!

This game threw me in for a whirl! Ton of fun!

Nice Horror.


This game is creepy as hell,and the creepiest thing is that game is almost completely silent,there is no jumpscares with loud noises,but atmosphere is disturbing. This is what real horror game looks like,when game can scare the shit out of you without predictable loud jumpscares. 5\5


Thank you for mentioning jumpscares! It's very important to me


I remember playing Sanctified, and man did I enjoy that game. This one was a pleasure to play too! I loved it, even though I got lost for a few minutes. Hope to see more games from you! Your game is third in the video if you wanna check it out!


Cool game! Also enjoyed your other work so checked this one out :)

thanks so much! 

love the game keep up the good work man


Awesome game :) Spooky

Atmosphere was amazing! 


enjoyed incident at grove lake, glad I went back through your past work and played this game, a tense and atmospheric experience 

Thanks so much!

great atmosphere, easy to follow plot path and overall great feel! 

Another really awesome short horror game! Loved the atmosphere and the found footage style! Great job!

Is this like a "The Ring" deal where you have to make a copy of the tape/game to reverse the curse? Asking for a friend ~ Gray馃崒

Played this the other day. Good game, very few jumpscares which is my favourite kind of horror. Amazingly atmospheric! Gameplay was a little lacking, but that's kinda common in indie horror. Still fun though!

This was fun!!!


This is a boom game

a great game!!!

i absolutely loved this game, it had a great atmosphere. if you're into religious horror/themes this is the one.

I loved the game and loved the vibe! I had a bit of a game breaking bug midway though where i got stuck on a wall in the well but i restarted the game and all is good. I downloaded it a few months ago so i don't know if it was fixed since then in a later update.

Loved it!!!

Absolutely loved the atmosphere of the game, and the story was 10/10

Great game. I love the spooky atmosphere and the found footage element is done really well.


Loved the spooky atmosphere! Great work!


Honestly, I enjoyed this game! It's incredible, and it's hard to come by an excellent found-footage horror game these days.
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Happy New Year! I included this game in my Top Ten list of 2022! Our Lady Of Sorrow starts at 00:42

I really love your work and can't wait to see your next project!

Holy shit, thanks so much! Very honored to make the list 馃檹 

Creepy Statues... yes its my biggest fear!

I love this game

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