Controls :

Movement : A and D / Left Arrow and Right Arrow

Shoot : Left Click/Ctrl

Jump : Space

Enter door/Buy item : Up Arrow

Install instructions

Pick from 3 resolutions at the beginning. This is a workaround to some issues I was having with Unity but works nonetheless.

Unzip and play the exe.


Devil Below 13 MB


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Using my trusty gun loaded with bouncing bullets, I make my way deeper underground to hell while trying to dodge the flying skulls. With my vision obscured, I cannot see far below me, and with each fall being a leap of faith, I dare not forget to count my blessings as I pray to God that no sharp-horned devils lay waiting below me. However, the journey is fruitful; I collected money, which will prove to be of value later on. Onward I move, making my way further down. My only sense of relief quickly arrives and just as quickly vanishes when I find the open doorway, only to continue my perilous journey forever downwards...

Great game!

Wow. What a write up. That was amazing, thank you so much for taking the time to play and write it up! :D