Hexonaut is a Turn based strategy Roguelike game. Set deep in the bellows of the Legions lair, you must reach Depth 16 to retrieve an Ancient artifact.

This is version 0.1.0

Version 0.1.1 is on the way!

How to Play

- Mouse Required

- Every depth starts with you putting points into vital stats. You can only spend 5 points and each stat costs one. You can put points into Attack, defence, attack range(which can give you ranged attacks) and health. This allows for different builds to deal with the enemies on that depth and their varying stats.

- Upon death, if you set a high score you can enter your name (5 character limit).

- Reaching Depth 16 and collecting the Purple artifact wins the game.

There's more coming to the game in the next update, this is just a test to see what people think.

Also, Windows Mac and Linux builds are coming in the next update if you prefer that over a browser build.