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I love your take on 90s boomer shooters, and I made a review of sorts here in my video. You did great work as always!

The most doom out of the bunch imo! Loved this , and your other work :)

E1M1 Magazine RGM Game Jam No Commentary Playlist


Congratulations... your game was also published on the channel...

I'll steal you 2 minutes to check it out and if you like to sign up!

Until next time

Nice mood but it's kind of ruined by how easy the game is, I never ran low enough on health that a single pickup didn't fully restore my health. And I also never ran out of ammo on the machinegun which is superior in every aspect t the earlier guns so there was no reason to swap.
Something about the MSpaint style blood on detailed enemies gave me a big ol smile though :D

Yeah I agree. Never had enough time to focus on the balancing as I almost ran over the game jam time limit. That machine gun is powerful! I love me so MSpaint blood though! :)

Linux and MacOS version please?


Big satan energy. Loved the monster designs and especially the moody soundtrack.


Another great game! This was really fun as usual! Great Job!