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Bad flesh ñam ñam (10/10)


all good fun, really cool visuals

nightmare fuel 🎶 ♡

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 


ñom ñom full of eating flesh

I think I ate the bad flesh anyway.

It was weird, but I liked it)

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Very Scary and disturbing! but enjoyed it and had a lot of fun :)

Damn, it turns out if you eat peoples flesh your ugly...

If you eat human flesh, you turn to a monster. Literally. That is a good moral!

very cool dan

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This game was short & very interesting. I did have trouble understanding the game mechanics at first.

I'm still confused about what the lore is but I think that the confusion makes it all the more interesting :)

I hope that there will be a sequel in the future that adds to the story! Highly recommend 😊

beautifully brief and creative creepfest.

interesting imagination

really odd but good game

finally a good selfcare game! loved it:)

cool short lil thing, was a nice play! me and my partner enjoyed it and they tried to make up theories-

The creepy factor was turned all the way up for this one. Well made!

Really interesting game. Very simple but effective. Great work!

I have no idea what this was ..but I enjoyed myself.

This was a very interesting game to say the least. It definitely creeped me out! Hope you guys enjoy my video and check out the other games I've played! I also make music if anyone wants to chill to that :) 

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The experience was soo much fun. I ate flesh and liked it; I just wish there was more flesh to eat. By the way, sorry you missed the deadline, but I hope it makes you feel better to know you made an incredible game.


Nice and different game

gameplay pt-br

Odd. Really odd. But good.

Check out some gameplay:


Creepy. It's awesome, but I wish you could eat the bad flesh after he says to, just to have an option of another freaky ending.


A very interesting game.

I would consume all the flesh and keep my bug friends

Fascinating and unsettling but very enjoyable!

Just a lot of things I liked about this, I always enjoy weird body stuff, cannibalism and the unknown, trying to piece it together.

Good Job ToothAndClaw!

the bugs would probably eat you


really cool and was actually disturbing. a lot of games are pretty cheap in there horror tactics and while this was pretty simple due to the conditions of this game, it was really good.


nicely disturbing, not like the others. now my classmates think im insane.



We played your fleshy video game on twitch and had fun.

The ending got me got goosebumps all over from it.

Thank you for this experience ToothandClaw! ^^

What's a little undercooked meat among friends?

I liked it very much. This is my Italian gameplay 

i Eat Girl Fleash =)

absolutely adore the animations and brilliant sound effects! (10/10) :D

Very strange, very good! I threw it together with some other scary games! thanks for this

Another good game by Dan McGrath, it was short but it definitely gave me the heebie jeebies. 

Really unnerving body horror game - but I was intrigued by the text/story! I was already theorizing what might be going on here. Great game! Thank you so much for sharing! (last game in video)

Very neat and creepy. I was quite a bit confused but I think I just had a case of the dumb.


it wasnt scary infact it was yummy nummy in my tummy


Great horror vibe in this game. Poor eric.

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